Ankur Jain currently serves as the founder and CEO of Kairos. The venture fund is building and investing in companies with the goal tackling the world’s greatest challenges. Over the years, Kairos has helped launch and grow over $6.5bn worth of companies tackling problems in healthcare, housing costs, transportation networks, and more. Before rejoining Kairos in May 2017, Jain was the VP of Product at Tinder, the world’s largest social network for meeting people. He joined Tinder after it acquired his previous company, Humin, where he served as Founder & CEO.

Over the years Jain has been recognized for a variety of achievements. In 2017, he was named a Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum. In 2011, Inc. magazine named Ankur Jain the “Best Connected 21-Year-Old in the World” and awarded Jain “30 Under 30”. In 2012, Jain was named “30 under 30: Solution Broker” by the Christian Science Monitor. And in 2015, Forbes also named Jain to their “30 under 30” list.  Jain also currently serves on the innovation board of the X-Prize foundation and as a member of the Pacific Council on Foreign Relations.

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Ankur Jain New Yorker

Can tech entrepreneurs like Ankur Jain make money helping people with down payments and baby food?

Jain, as much as anyone, reflects tech’s recent drift toward a new form of social self-awareness... While Jain was in college, at the Wharton School, the financial press called him “possibly the world’s best-connected 21-year-old.” Now, he has launched a new mission...


The New Yorker
venture fund - Ankur Jain

Kairos is a company that creates companies with a mission: Solve the problems that really need solving...

In this way, Ankur Jain, Kairos’ Founder and Co-CEO, is thinking far more Warren Buffett than Jack Dorsey. And in a short amount of time, his focus on the hole in the marketplace rather than the pitch deck has produced results. And he has been launching a new startup every few months...


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Kairos is a new $25-million social entrepreneurship investment fund with an odd and expansive list of supporters.

Soon after getting on the phone with Fast Company, Jain promises access to Mehmet Oz, Bobbi Brown, and Vicente Fox. NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, Verizon president Ronan Dunne, and ex-Greece prime minister George Papandreou are waiting in the wings, if needed...


Fast Company
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